Superpower Shutdown

When the biggest super power in the world announces that their government has shut down, it becomes in evitable that this news becomes the most curious account in recent news. Decrypting what is happening could be a little tricky but regardless here is a skim down to what is happening.

The US government has begun a partial shutdown after two houses of congress failed to agree with the budget.  800,000 federal employees were issued an unpaid leave which makes this the biggest partial shutdown in US history and first after 17 years. This has led to devaluation of the dollar to a certain extent. Goldman Sachs estimated a three week shut down could thrust down 0.9% from the US GDP in this quarter.

Further on CNN has given a clearer picture explaining us what is closed and what is open in the following link:

The departments which are closed include:

  • Federal communication commission
  • Federal Election commission
  • Federal trade commission
  • National Capital planning commission
  • Department of Education
  • Department of interior
  • Department of justice

These are just a few departments of a long list. The issue was raised regarding the ‘Obama care’ health project which was officially first named Patient Protection and the Affordable Care act which was aimed at providing affordable and quality health insurance. Many opponents of Obamacare, most recently the union leaders that once supported it, are concerned that Obamacare’s employer mandate incentivizes smaller companies to shift their workers to part-time status because employers are not required to provide health coverage to part-time workers.

Barack Obama tweeted:


The official Senate Republican account on twitter posted their opinion, stating:


Citizens of United States and many more (including me) feel that the Obama care issue has been chosen as a playground for the both houses to argue and screw around with each other.

This low act of incorporating their political agendas with the nation’s health care has resulted in one of the major news in the history of United States after 9/11 events occurred.

Regardless I think that the Us government is made out of some very strong influencers who will make sure they stabilize the situation soon, until then I would advise everyone to but the dollar as it is hitting lower rates and will again stabilize. Karma is a female dog indeed.

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Yerushalem O Jerusalem

The center of culture, center of religion, science, society and art. Jerusalem; center of earth. Human soil has never achieved more prestigious grounds than this single city which spans 125 km2. Located along the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean this place has a special place in the hearts of the followers of Abrahamic, Judaist, Christian and Muslim codes.

Nearly all generation of modern and classical Homo sapiens have seen the city burn, brutal ethnic cleansing and shameless display of stupid possessiveness of what can never be theirs, what has never been theirs.

Claims of religious superiority translated later into a dangerous political game very quickly as the city was raped of whatever it had over and over again and treated as a prize for those in power.  Branded and tagged over and over again, treated like cattle.

The Pseudo-modern day man currently display acts of tribal barbarianism, I write not to support a single ethnicity or a religion because that would deviate me from my belief that God taught us religion to teach us humanity, first of all.

21st century marked a major milestone in the history of civilization when we approached the age of technology and cutting edge communication; many saw it as a milestone of humanity’s utter failure, where we have shown that we are the worst kind of the animal kingdom, cheap creatures of worldly lust and objectivity. Self loathe is not an option anymore, we all have led to believe that once we see spoils of human brains resting on pathways. The organ which serves as a distinction for humans left as not more than meat.

Maybe I am too much of a cynic but from what I see around me, I have no hope left in the human race. Jerusalem is home to many old artifacts and families have called it home for centuries, these extra ordinary people have refused over and over again to be extracted away like dirt from the place where they opened their eyes at, where they took their first footsteps, where they received their first threat and where they saw their first born die first. We are at that low of a point that exaggeration of emotion seems understated, where there is no limit to brutality and no cease to immorality.

Today; we are on the verge of losing all that once was cherished, what does that say about what we cherish today? Homes to the ancient likes of Babylon, Damascus, Nile, Jerusalem and many more are held as victim of human captivity.

When I first heard about the current peace talks of pushing the two nation settlement, It sent a message of hope to the meat inside my skull, but these peace talks keep getting delayed as many die, still, everyday. Politicians mingle in circles within their agency over and over again, the see saws of a different end. The formation of the state of Israel and details from there on, the ‘Zion’ intervention are currently not mentioned in this article because we have to start thinking beyond these limitation.

Why Jerusalem? Who claims Jerusalem? It doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to all of us. God indeed works in mysterious ways.Image

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The 14 acts for Pakistan

My riksha driver started spitting out the most innovate curses at the ever buzzing traffic of saddar, that was when I decided to switch to my favorite mode of transportation and started to walk through the aisles which have been the center of trade for centuries to our people now.

Walking down the core of Karachi you find all sorts of human species rotating in a bubble which centers around them. Within this jungle of civilization the residue of Imperial England’s architecture is a reminder of what we were once, a group of people owned by the mightier fish treated as inferiors.

This span spreading from decades would one day come to an end, no one thought of that at one time but with act of inspiration and motivation on a chaotic Thursday a new nation was born, a nation of separate identity who spoke for themselves, a nation where a free man could live freely. This day famously is celebrated now every year on the 14th of August.

Much has happened and a lot has changed in these sixty six years, good and bad. For instance these buildings once owned by someone else are now a billboard to political parties as we see flags and different slogans making claims of change.

Hameed sahab, I call him the king of fire, bring him any instrument which could light fire and he can fix it for you, he is now an old, modest man, full of stories who sits on a small star at regal. With me, and I am sure many more, he finds a curious audience to his partially factual tales of a timeline spanning around eighty years, his eyes are now sore and his vision weak but he can still tell you about how life was like for him, it is an human instinct to not be satisfied with what you have around you but still the fact is haunting that many people of that generation who are still with us will only tell you about a hopeful dream which slowly shattered over time, Hameed sahab too tells me a similar tale every time I visit him.

On the way back home, old clubs come to view where, then the royals used to socialize, a pool of separation to find isolation and more, now these clubs are an identity to many local royals now.

Well, one thing is for sure, complaining about these many sorrow facts isn’t really a productive solution, and within these thoughts I find ideas coming from a group of people determined to adapt a model of freedom which we fought for sixty six years ago, a model where every man is responsible for his own actions, first. These group of individual plan to execute a unconventional idea, which shamelessly is long forgotten, On 14th of August this year they will commit 14 acts for Pakistan, acts of random kindness which could be anything, from pushing a fellow man’s car to helping out at a traffic signal or by simply smiling at someone, yes it is indeed a solution to many problems.

I find the practicality of this idea want me be a part of it, because it allows you to reach the center of your societies problems and take matter into your own hands, and that is one thing we need to do, and when is more of a better time to start than the day of your motherlands independence.

Thanks to technology, we have platforms to spread this world like wildfire, use facebook and twitter to gather as many acts of kindness as you can, share the happiness, it is time to pay your debts back to the lives that got you this country. Long live Pakistan.

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How could live music save the average Pakistani?

How could live music save the average Pakistani?

By: Dara Shikoh


Generally tagged as a cynic by peers, I have been through trying to analyze myself and indulging in the self loathe of finding problems within me, I learned the more research you do within a subject, the more you find out about it, rocket science huh? So I decided to get out of within myself and think about other things, like how to save my country, for starters.

I write this in the year of two thousand and thirteen, those who are here, would agree that we stand at a point when society is social economically and in means of all the fancy words, doomed. One could argue that our brains weren’t mended for a capitalist era; I walk down the road I see a cheesy looking advertisement, with a bad color theme a cheesier looking woman trying to burst out as much as she can within her limitations, selling ketchup. You meet one of these marketing gurus working at ad agencies, don’t bother arguing, their egos won’t let them accept their pathetic work, an argument which comes along would be that this is what the masses understand, I made a bad ad because it is for the masses, I made a pathetic film because it is for the masses, I auto tuned my voice because my audience is illiterate mainly, well you know what? Your face is pathetic, you blood sucking creature, money hungry, lazy sell out.

Capitalism has made all the good things about life incredibly difficult; Travelling the world, buying a house, eating a good meal, going to the movies, becoming a writer. But that’s not all of troubles which our country face, the masses we speak of live in a complex of not knowing a whole different world, they aren’t too happy about it. They are treated as fools by goons. We face a tricky situation, foreign involvement, conspiracy theories, capitalism, racism, and exploding egos. War won’t help us, peace, well let’s not even go there. Distraction however is a weapon.

As the slightly luckier ones in our society it is our responsibility to educate the masses instead of ignoring them, if they can’t read doesn’t mean they can’t hear right. Inspire and get inspired.

After much thought I have concluded that what Pakistan needs at this current time in a historians playbook is good live music, here is how, please keep your imagination open and try to live with me in a ‘my naya Pakistan’;

–          Imagine the pseudo advertiser walks out of his work finds himself with a group of other musicians, imagine if they could jam together, or imagine if he could take some time out to enjoy the music which these strangers from different paths of socio dynamics do what they do the best. A chance for the marketer to understand his audience better too. A social society, where people would meet new people through music, new ideas would be shared. Who says a pubs the only place where you could socialize.


–          Karachi as a modern day Vienna? Beethovens ,Mozarts and Fendrichs waiting at every corner, respected by the royals, respected by the people, respected by the world. I am sure there are so many out there, in Thar, Jehlum, Sialkot, Multan, Tando Mohammad Khan people of immense talent, people who if had it their way would do nothing but make our lives better with their harmony. People waiting to change the very surface of music, add a whole new dimension to music, no wonder how much we are missing out on.


–          Ah! I have lived through it, I am currently living through it and I know A LOT of people living through the ‘what do we do’ question. It’s a weekend, you have had a long day all week and you are stuck at home because there is nothing to do besides maybe grabbing a meal from somewhere (another human necessity overrated by capitalism). What if every weekend you know there are multiple affordable new musicians playing actual good music.


–          Doesn’t end so easy, music could give birth to multiple other platforms where much of our population may be able to find their purpose within, many wouldn’t leave Pakistan, Music further leads to other forms of art like visual designing, painting, theatre. Musicians of Pakistan could light that one spark which everyone needed to get a burst of confidence in them. Music has no race it has no gender


–          Like I said earlier, distraction is a vital non-violent weapon, people would be distracted by the sea of trouble they will find that time of solitude where they could think things out, may be they find their purpose. What if your average everyday hit man is able to channel his energy

Into something he never imagined. Something that gives him chillier rush than human blood spilling.


The capacity of human brain is being limited everyday by so called un-canny opinion leaders, it’s about time we question who these guys are, and we start not fighting but just implementing the things we love in life in whatever ways we can. The bigger picture is not in our hands, the tiny river flows in the our giant oceans, all I ask you to be today is a drop of that river, let the ways of nature form the ocean, let there be music, let there be love.

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The time travelers paradox


“Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, and stars fill my dream 
I’m a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been 
to sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen 
they talk of days for which they sit and wait, all will be revealed.”


James Patrick Page.


The Time Traveller’s Paradox:

By: Dara Shikoh.


I fell in love early, I didn’t know much about the opposite sex much, I doubt I knew anything about sex at all, I remember the first time a neighbor-friend of same age told me about sex, I was traumatized at how my parents and all the people around me were such sinners, well may be when I met Mariam Hussein in 6th grade, my thoughts changed. A child’s brain is much more mature than what we come to become when we grow up. Human race was put on earth to live as ONE, if that makes any sense at all to the now aged, immature over time reader. That’s what we believed in when we were younger, all of us. Later being influenced by what’s taught our elders at home and schools, our teachers and parents informed us what they believe to be the reality of life. I learned then that the girl I liked was a ‘Shia’ a kid who didn’t know about sex in fifth grade wouldn’t know about what a Shia is and what Sunni is, although I was taught the Quran, I did not remember such differences stated in it. Anyways at the risk of offending someone I would now like to move on.

One day when a very Romeo Dara came back home, hurt and devastated by cruel Mariam Hussein, I told some one about it, has been twelve years now, my child brain doesn’t remember a many things already, so I don’t know who I came to in that desperate time of need, when I thought I would never be able to move on from the life ending tragedy I was facing. But I do remember what I was told, it was something like, “Mariam Hussein huh? Shia is she? It’s okay Daru, no future.” Future? Shia? WHAT!? I’m in sixth grade! She just didn’t like that I took a polyether bag filled it with air and water, and burst it on her head. A simple golden technique that worked all the time, it was hilarious, none of the boys ever mind, the used to burst out in laughter with me. She over reacted is all.

I stopped arguing with people a long time ago, it is useless to argue, but believe it or not, I was quite stoned when I looked down the river Euphrates, even the hashish back then was much more potent, it wasn’t like what we smoke these days, half bull shit half shit. The might of God was in front of, the swooshing sound of this endless river took me deep in the thought of its lengthy time line, the year was 656 of the common era, tricky times, just like the ones we face today. There was unrest and distrust between the Arabs and the expanding continuation of the Greek speaking Roman empire under the name of ‘Byzantines’ Rome was still their capital, it was later that they sieged Constantinople. The Arabs have defeated Byzantines through the naval route recently.

From the bubble of sand I saw an army rising, pride and strong they marched forward, this was when it all started mainly, a battle between Iraq and Syria, two Muslim states, The Battle of Siffin.

I walk through the deserted streets of Karachi on shiny new dawn, briefly covered by clouds to keep it from being too hot in a summer month, the dawn of fourteenth of august, Nineteen hundred and forty seven, people were to leave their homes, their places of birth, the place where they had grown up, the place which they loved the most, same went for the other side of the great South Asian continent. The British did what the joker had always told them to do, create chaos.

In two thousand and thirteen, High definition television has been invented, humanity is progressing and regressing at the same time, still the times are tricky. I watch a show with three out dated individuals speaking about the partition of the continent and how it should have never have happened, sixty year old men, trying to play around a sixty year old question and like most sixty year olds the question is insane.

I am here, writing about all of this after centuries have gone by, the highlight of the story isn’t what happened later in the battle of Siffin, or what the Byzantines did or the partition, my point is that even after all these years, I am writing about this after so many years.

I bumped into Mariam, we didn’t get along too well, but it wasn’t because she was shia, it was because we were different people, she remained a very good friend of mine, I remember for quite some time. She didn’t break my heart; she made me learn may be a few things.

History is an interesting subject, but no one could live in the history, you have to move on and start over, many of us wish we were born in a different era, that’s just not a possibility, how about you adapt the good things about that era in the times you live in, be original, have some character, it’s okay, you won’t live forever anyways.

Shia-Sunni discrimination has been a major cause of unrest throughout the Middle East and much of Pakistan and India. Documentaries and content online/offline has been made common blaming the Israelites of brainwashing us, what about those leaders in our country spreading the message of hate? As an individual, I think, our brains are too strong to be brainwashed, we have free will, and we believe what we want to believe only. This blood shed needs to end soon, it has been 1356 years since I saw those horses marching on the banks of the mighty Euphrates, humanity has failed to resolve one issue, That is what I see in this ancient time span I have lived. Even our true leaders at that time did not want this to happen, they wanted unity they wanted peace. They wanted Muslims to grow stronger, society of welfare, rights, equality, justice, a society that knows how to compromise, to sacrifice my pumping nerves obscenity in exchange of the blood spilling of that a virgin daughter soon to be married, doesn’t it bother us how screwed we are? It bothers everyone. When will we move on from these blame games which aren’t ending. We are killing our own strength, we are killing our productivity and efficiency, we are killing this land we live on, we are killing the habitat, the beauty of lord is around us, we need to pay our part in enhancing what the almighty has given to us, and killing is not the way to go about it.





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The Newton Solution

The Newton Solution

By Dara Shikoh


A planet burning in socio economical and literal flames, reaches a point in time where evacuation remains the only option, it couldn’t be denied that once there was a time when this fire could have been denied access to sabotage our land but that time is now long gone, This fire now burns in every brick which makes every wall of every system that exists today.

Every action has an opposite reaction says Sir Newton, he speaks of physics, our actions are already implemented, consider the ‘reaction’ in this case as a one ton raging bull charging towards to your sixty five kilograms body, head on, now consider your options in that limited time span to act on the bull’s reaction caused by your actions. Run the opposite way.

If you tell ten people in a room the news where this five year old girl in New Dehli was raped brutally till death, you will expect to get mixed reaction in which 3 out of 10 people would question why I am speaking about India when this sort of stuff keeps happening on regular bases in my own country. Every man is entitled to his or her opinion, but hearing opinions like this make me hypocritically raise the thought of how much lower could human patheticity could reach, a place where crime has no meaning unless it is of territorial interest. SHIT!

This article will have no significant value, just like the millions of articles written before this on similar subjects, questioning the socio dynamics and analyzing the flaws in the system and hypocritically arguing with them although being a part of them, so I will stop complaining and switch to the initial hypothesis, if you may call it that.

We will try to put a meaning to Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, stating:

 Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.”

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”

Now let’s consider our misdoings as actions and socio economic environmental collapse as a reaction. Meeting each other at similar constant acceleration and colliding badly, which I assure you from a neutral point of you may be as an everyday observer that it is indeed colliding badly, for those who feel that there is  any sort dark humor attached to my article, may might as well find themselves in a situation where they have a rather very strong argument to prove it. Who is this guy with a shady looking name and why is he talking about bulls and physics, environment and politics, is he just high, was Isaac Newton just high?

By giving no answer to such a question, I will instead choose to continue towards our discussion. Since, as stated before every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Let’s call it Karma in the philosophical sense or What goes around comes back around is what Justin Timberlake likes to call it. That brings us to the bull, the bulls coming our way, the only thing we could do is run. That’s too vague to prove anything at all. Let’s take it in a conspiracy point of view, because hey, Gossip sells! What if, those NASA people are way ahead on this one, what if they want to one day have a deluxe grande venation style pimped up big fat beach house there one day, move all them rich folks up there, solve their problem and ours, solve the population issue, give man space to explore the earth, solve inflation, solve the resource issue. But this theory has a flaw, humans would remain humans, no matter how many leave, people will still have issues with each other. They will still fight, rape, murder, molest, and create racial differences.

According to what I have concluded from Newton’s idea, the answer lies in the self, in the core of what that one moving object accelerating towards the other object entering towards a collision which would destroy both the objects, the core of what the object is thinking at that moment of consistent motion, he is at the wrong place at the wrong time, he moves away, he tries to avoid what is the fault of generation before him, he becomes a good person himself, he doesn’t litter, he doesn’t create differences, he doesn’t try to force an innocent into something he/she doesn’t want to be put in, we start helping each other because we start feeling the it is the best thing you could do, let’s stop criticizing, arguing because of issues which we could clearly live without. Let’s fix ourselves and let all those things which were never in our power let be controlled by the mighty forces of the nature, this is not our fight to fight, our power hungry nerves need to be tapped, slowed down, relaxed. Let there be love.

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Country, Love & Other things


10:39 PM


I could hear the rain shatter everything down outside as we sat in an abandoned old ‘autaak’ belonging to a Syed, the royal blood, who never visited unless it was the hunting season, the wind became chilly, the thunder struck as a lonely dog howled in vain but to his support another dog from the east created a surround dome sound when more dogs joined in. We sat inside with doors closed and lights off but a candle moderately lighting the room.
The new Prime Minister was chosen in the morning today, It didn’t really come as a total surprise the new revolutionary tides hadn’t come to a rest. The people had once again been force to believe that power will always remain to the powerful, I suppose that isn’t wrong for the locals to live their own lives and not to mingle with the games played those who could sight the throne, that is nature’s way, it has always been, some have suggested a power shift to the local people but who is to know if the people in power next could handle it, This struggle of achieving prosperity will always be uneven.

I had newly met Zarek but similar lack of ambition and love for a few things had brought us together, Sachal, the safe keeper of this autaak had already told us the risks, but we had experimented before and wanted to, some more, just to know better, it’s not like we were of any vital importance to our nation anyways, Zarek had managed to acquire some really good Afghani afeem or ‘opium’ from his ancestral home, Chaman. The different faces of Pakistan are so unlike each other, that we could call it diverse, for the love of our country, the things happening in the streets of Pakistan, people didn’t give fuck anymore, love was to some, what was war for other, although I often wonder if our problems are due to our confused nature, we are stuck between western modernism, eastern antiquity, religious extremism and ethical reality. It could be argued that British imperialism had a lot to do with this but they just merely showed us what they got, just like we showed them what we got, they seem to be doing fine. I refuse to believe that the human brain is weak enough to not form its own opinion and use these diverse openings to create something new, cities have been sieged before, empires destroyed, civilizations conquered by new ones it all, that’s how societies progress, new ideas, new visions, new art, new literature.

A dark vapor formed on the foil holding the opium, I had never tried it before, and it wasn’t something I would get hooked to, I felt it’s not my sort of a drug, nothing against the drug but, personal opinion, that’s what I was thinking when I inhaled the dragon to my lungs, Zarek took a drag, Sachel did, came back to me, no backing out, the circle went on, this didn’t taste like hash at all, you get used to the taste of hash, you get to like it because it is likeable, this wasn’t that herby, it was, but much more crude, hash got you high, this didn’t seem to be doing anything at all. The thunder outside hit a menacing note, no sound of birds but the rains from heaven hit the ground harder each time, I felt I could hear each and every drop of rainfall which crashed against the ground outside when I closed my eyes, Zarek was the sort of a person, who never ruined a movie for you, in fact if you watch a movie with him he became a part of that movie. A cloud over my brain seemed to have lightened up, I could feel the drug working its way through my viens.

Change starts at the core of your own self, the discovery of within will tell you that your purpose isn’t war, your purpose isn’t to tell someone who is wrong that he/she is wrong, your purpose isn’t to lead your country to achieve its optimum significance, your purpose isn’t to stop me from doing drugs, your purpose isn’t to tell a man he is not right because he was born into an household that believed in a different book of God, your purpose isn’t vote for the right minister, your purpose is simply to live. Caught up with all the complexities of politics, religion and international propaganda we had forgotten what we were born to do, we were born to live, it sounds too simple, sounds like a cheesy line from a cheesy advertisement campaign but we got to understand the core of this sentence, core of the word ‘live’ this revolutionary tide isn’t about who is going to be our next ruler, it is not about achieving our right to food, shelter or the right to freedom, those are just things which were given to me naturally, living is exploring, living is finding, living is loving, living is choosing, living could be whatever that you want to, living could be watching a movie, living could be taking your six year old out for a walk, carrying him on your shoulders, living is to each his own, living could be sex, living could be drugs, forget about the states responsibility towards us, change comes from within, we all know that sentence, what does it mean, it means that when someone next time is talking about a general stereo typical perception of a particular race, you won’t argue, you won’t say anything, if you don’t want to, you won’t get into an argument, because arguments are for the intellectually challenged, but at your core you will believe that just because he is was born in the south the south of Punjab and not the west of Balochistan doesn’t make him any different

My senses seemed to have directed in on smooth flow, it was all headed towards one direction I couldn’t hear it, but I felt like I heard my heart beat, Zarek handed me a rolled hundred rupee bill to inhale the tar like substance, and I did, the sweat dripping from my forehead made its way to the tip of my nose and faded into the darkness. I stood up, the rain hadn’t stopped, the candle was steady, Zarek sat laid back on the bed, no wonder what he was thinking, Sachal had assumed that his place was on the ground, because he was just a peasant within us lords, he had a similar gaze to his eye, we all had different thoughts but a similar gaze, the relief on everyone’s faces when I opened the door suggested that even our thoughts were similar the winds refreshed us, it didn’t kill our high, just refreshed us, two separate things, the doors had opened and with thing opened a whole new dimension the rain seemed different than what it did before we had smoked up.

But it is not wrong to think about how misdirected things had gone, what we were supposed to be, and what we are, we aren’t supposed to be nations, we are supposed to be humans, in fact not just humans, we are all living beings, our negligence of animals, plants and other living organisms have led us to the biggest problem that we face today and I do not mean all respected Nawaz Sharif winning the elections, I mean problems like global warming, it doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s election manifesto what they will do about the years of our disrespect to mother earth. This isn’t a blame game, this isn’t your fault or Obama’s fault, it isn’t, Captain Imran’s fault, It isn’t poor Sachal’s fault, it is everyone’s fault, It is no one’s fault.

The contradiction between my restless thoughts and my calm body had led me outside the mighty clouds showered down their waste upon us to bring us joy the western winds let go of their rage upon us, creating perfect harmony in E-Flat minor the sound with that dogs vocal in it was sad, depressing yet hopeful, kind of like human race in the current time, may be at all time, we are not a thankful race after all.

The rain hadn’t stopped but had turned into a drizzle, my eyes were closed when the change had occurred, and I think my eyes were closed for quite some time because the sky had become dimly lit my body temperature was uneven, my mouth was dry, I felt sick to my stomach, I sat down on the ground, on the same level as the old Sachal, the loyal keeper of his Syed’s autaak, he looked at me, smiled, I looked at him and hoped to smile. Morning had come a new day had come, We said our goodbyes to Sachal who offered us tea, we refused and headed back to the 4 hour long drive to Karachi hoping to reach back in time for work, waiting to be sucked in by the daily routine.

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