The Newton Solution

The Newton Solution

By Dara Shikoh


A planet burning in socio economical and literal flames, reaches a point in time where evacuation remains the only option, it couldn’t be denied that once there was a time when this fire could have been denied access to sabotage our land but that time is now long gone, This fire now burns in every brick which makes every wall of every system that exists today.

Every action has an opposite reaction says Sir Newton, he speaks of physics, our actions are already implemented, consider the ‘reaction’ in this case as a one ton raging bull charging towards to your sixty five kilograms body, head on, now consider your options in that limited time span to act on the bull’s reaction caused by your actions. Run the opposite way.

If you tell ten people in a room the news where this five year old girl in New Dehli was raped brutally till death, you will expect to get mixed reaction in which 3 out of 10 people would question why I am speaking about India when this sort of stuff keeps happening on regular bases in my own country. Every man is entitled to his or her opinion, but hearing opinions like this make me hypocritically raise the thought of how much lower could human patheticity could reach, a place where crime has no meaning unless it is of territorial interest. SHIT!

This article will have no significant value, just like the millions of articles written before this on similar subjects, questioning the socio dynamics and analyzing the flaws in the system and hypocritically arguing with them although being a part of them, so I will stop complaining and switch to the initial hypothesis, if you may call it that.

We will try to put a meaning to Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, stating:

 Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.”

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”

Now let’s consider our misdoings as actions and socio economic environmental collapse as a reaction. Meeting each other at similar constant acceleration and colliding badly, which I assure you from a neutral point of you may be as an everyday observer that it is indeed colliding badly, for those who feel that there is  any sort dark humor attached to my article, may might as well find themselves in a situation where they have a rather very strong argument to prove it. Who is this guy with a shady looking name and why is he talking about bulls and physics, environment and politics, is he just high, was Isaac Newton just high?

By giving no answer to such a question, I will instead choose to continue towards our discussion. Since, as stated before every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Let’s call it Karma in the philosophical sense or What goes around comes back around is what Justin Timberlake likes to call it. That brings us to the bull, the bulls coming our way, the only thing we could do is run. That’s too vague to prove anything at all. Let’s take it in a conspiracy point of view, because hey, Gossip sells! What if, those NASA people are way ahead on this one, what if they want to one day have a deluxe grande venation style pimped up big fat beach house there one day, move all them rich folks up there, solve their problem and ours, solve the population issue, give man space to explore the earth, solve inflation, solve the resource issue. But this theory has a flaw, humans would remain humans, no matter how many leave, people will still have issues with each other. They will still fight, rape, murder, molest, and create racial differences.

According to what I have concluded from Newton’s idea, the answer lies in the self, in the core of what that one moving object accelerating towards the other object entering towards a collision which would destroy both the objects, the core of what the object is thinking at that moment of consistent motion, he is at the wrong place at the wrong time, he moves away, he tries to avoid what is the fault of generation before him, he becomes a good person himself, he doesn’t litter, he doesn’t create differences, he doesn’t try to force an innocent into something he/she doesn’t want to be put in, we start helping each other because we start feeling the it is the best thing you could do, let’s stop criticizing, arguing because of issues which we could clearly live without. Let’s fix ourselves and let all those things which were never in our power let be controlled by the mighty forces of the nature, this is not our fight to fight, our power hungry nerves need to be tapped, slowed down, relaxed. Let there be love.

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