The time travelers paradox


“Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, and stars fill my dream 
I’m a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been 
to sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen 
they talk of days for which they sit and wait, all will be revealed.”


James Patrick Page.


The Time Traveller’s Paradox:

By: Dara Shikoh.


I fell in love early, I didn’t know much about the opposite sex much, I doubt I knew anything about sex at all, I remember the first time a neighbor-friend of same age told me about sex, I was traumatized at how my parents and all the people around me were such sinners, well may be when I met Mariam Hussein in 6th grade, my thoughts changed. A child’s brain is much more mature than what we come to become when we grow up. Human race was put on earth to live as ONE, if that makes any sense at all to the now aged, immature over time reader. That’s what we believed in when we were younger, all of us. Later being influenced by what’s taught our elders at home and schools, our teachers and parents informed us what they believe to be the reality of life. I learned then that the girl I liked was a ‘Shia’ a kid who didn’t know about sex in fifth grade wouldn’t know about what a Shia is and what Sunni is, although I was taught the Quran, I did not remember such differences stated in it. Anyways at the risk of offending someone I would now like to move on.

One day when a very Romeo Dara came back home, hurt and devastated by cruel Mariam Hussein, I told some one about it, has been twelve years now, my child brain doesn’t remember a many things already, so I don’t know who I came to in that desperate time of need, when I thought I would never be able to move on from the life ending tragedy I was facing. But I do remember what I was told, it was something like, “Mariam Hussein huh? Shia is she? It’s okay Daru, no future.” Future? Shia? WHAT!? I’m in sixth grade! She just didn’t like that I took a polyether bag filled it with air and water, and burst it on her head. A simple golden technique that worked all the time, it was hilarious, none of the boys ever mind, the used to burst out in laughter with me. She over reacted is all.

I stopped arguing with people a long time ago, it is useless to argue, but believe it or not, I was quite stoned when I looked down the river Euphrates, even the hashish back then was much more potent, it wasn’t like what we smoke these days, half bull shit half shit. The might of God was in front of, the swooshing sound of this endless river took me deep in the thought of its lengthy time line, the year was 656 of the common era, tricky times, just like the ones we face today. There was unrest and distrust between the Arabs and the expanding continuation of the Greek speaking Roman empire under the name of ‘Byzantines’ Rome was still their capital, it was later that they sieged Constantinople. The Arabs have defeated Byzantines through the naval route recently.

From the bubble of sand I saw an army rising, pride and strong they marched forward, this was when it all started mainly, a battle between Iraq and Syria, two Muslim states, The Battle of Siffin.

I walk through the deserted streets of Karachi on shiny new dawn, briefly covered by clouds to keep it from being too hot in a summer month, the dawn of fourteenth of august, Nineteen hundred and forty seven, people were to leave their homes, their places of birth, the place where they had grown up, the place which they loved the most, same went for the other side of the great South Asian continent. The British did what the joker had always told them to do, create chaos.

In two thousand and thirteen, High definition television has been invented, humanity is progressing and regressing at the same time, still the times are tricky. I watch a show with three out dated individuals speaking about the partition of the continent and how it should have never have happened, sixty year old men, trying to play around a sixty year old question and like most sixty year olds the question is insane.

I am here, writing about all of this after centuries have gone by, the highlight of the story isn’t what happened later in the battle of Siffin, or what the Byzantines did or the partition, my point is that even after all these years, I am writing about this after so many years.

I bumped into Mariam, we didn’t get along too well, but it wasn’t because she was shia, it was because we were different people, she remained a very good friend of mine, I remember for quite some time. She didn’t break my heart; she made me learn may be a few things.

History is an interesting subject, but no one could live in the history, you have to move on and start over, many of us wish we were born in a different era, that’s just not a possibility, how about you adapt the good things about that era in the times you live in, be original, have some character, it’s okay, you won’t live forever anyways.

Shia-Sunni discrimination has been a major cause of unrest throughout the Middle East and much of Pakistan and India. Documentaries and content online/offline has been made common blaming the Israelites of brainwashing us, what about those leaders in our country spreading the message of hate? As an individual, I think, our brains are too strong to be brainwashed, we have free will, and we believe what we want to believe only. This blood shed needs to end soon, it has been 1356 years since I saw those horses marching on the banks of the mighty Euphrates, humanity has failed to resolve one issue, That is what I see in this ancient time span I have lived. Even our true leaders at that time did not want this to happen, they wanted unity they wanted peace. They wanted Muslims to grow stronger, society of welfare, rights, equality, justice, a society that knows how to compromise, to sacrifice my pumping nerves obscenity in exchange of the blood spilling of that a virgin daughter soon to be married, doesn’t it bother us how screwed we are? It bothers everyone. When will we move on from these blame games which aren’t ending. We are killing our own strength, we are killing our productivity and efficiency, we are killing this land we live on, we are killing the habitat, the beauty of lord is around us, we need to pay our part in enhancing what the almighty has given to us, and killing is not the way to go about it.





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