How could live music save the average Pakistani?

How could live music save the average Pakistani?

By: Dara Shikoh


Generally tagged as a cynic by peers, I have been through trying to analyze myself and indulging in the self loathe of finding problems within me, I learned the more research you do within a subject, the more you find out about it, rocket science huh? So I decided to get out of within myself and think about other things, like how to save my country, for starters.

I write this in the year of two thousand and thirteen, those who are here, would agree that we stand at a point when society is social economically and in means of all the fancy words, doomed. One could argue that our brains weren’t mended for a capitalist era; I walk down the road I see a cheesy looking advertisement, with a bad color theme a cheesier looking woman trying to burst out as much as she can within her limitations, selling ketchup. You meet one of these marketing gurus working at ad agencies, don’t bother arguing, their egos won’t let them accept their pathetic work, an argument which comes along would be that this is what the masses understand, I made a bad ad because it is for the masses, I made a pathetic film because it is for the masses, I auto tuned my voice because my audience is illiterate mainly, well you know what? Your face is pathetic, you blood sucking creature, money hungry, lazy sell out.

Capitalism has made all the good things about life incredibly difficult; Travelling the world, buying a house, eating a good meal, going to the movies, becoming a writer. But that’s not all of troubles which our country face, the masses we speak of live in a complex of not knowing a whole different world, they aren’t too happy about it. They are treated as fools by goons. We face a tricky situation, foreign involvement, conspiracy theories, capitalism, racism, and exploding egos. War won’t help us, peace, well let’s not even go there. Distraction however is a weapon.

As the slightly luckier ones in our society it is our responsibility to educate the masses instead of ignoring them, if they can’t read doesn’t mean they can’t hear right. Inspire and get inspired.

After much thought I have concluded that what Pakistan needs at this current time in a historians playbook is good live music, here is how, please keep your imagination open and try to live with me in a ‘my naya Pakistan’;

–          Imagine the pseudo advertiser walks out of his work finds himself with a group of other musicians, imagine if they could jam together, or imagine if he could take some time out to enjoy the music which these strangers from different paths of socio dynamics do what they do the best. A chance for the marketer to understand his audience better too. A social society, where people would meet new people through music, new ideas would be shared. Who says a pubs the only place where you could socialize.


–          Karachi as a modern day Vienna? Beethovens ,Mozarts and Fendrichs waiting at every corner, respected by the royals, respected by the people, respected by the world. I am sure there are so many out there, in Thar, Jehlum, Sialkot, Multan, Tando Mohammad Khan people of immense talent, people who if had it their way would do nothing but make our lives better with their harmony. People waiting to change the very surface of music, add a whole new dimension to music, no wonder how much we are missing out on.


–          Ah! I have lived through it, I am currently living through it and I know A LOT of people living through the ‘what do we do’ question. It’s a weekend, you have had a long day all week and you are stuck at home because there is nothing to do besides maybe grabbing a meal from somewhere (another human necessity overrated by capitalism). What if every weekend you know there are multiple affordable new musicians playing actual good music.


–          Doesn’t end so easy, music could give birth to multiple other platforms where much of our population may be able to find their purpose within, many wouldn’t leave Pakistan, Music further leads to other forms of art like visual designing, painting, theatre. Musicians of Pakistan could light that one spark which everyone needed to get a burst of confidence in them. Music has no race it has no gender


–          Like I said earlier, distraction is a vital non-violent weapon, people would be distracted by the sea of trouble they will find that time of solitude where they could think things out, may be they find their purpose. What if your average everyday hit man is able to channel his energy

Into something he never imagined. Something that gives him chillier rush than human blood spilling.


The capacity of human brain is being limited everyday by so called un-canny opinion leaders, it’s about time we question who these guys are, and we start not fighting but just implementing the things we love in life in whatever ways we can. The bigger picture is not in our hands, the tiny river flows in the our giant oceans, all I ask you to be today is a drop of that river, let the ways of nature form the ocean, let there be music, let there be love.

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