The 14 acts for Pakistan

My riksha driver started spitting out the most innovate curses at the ever buzzing traffic of saddar, that was when I decided to switch to my favorite mode of transportation and started to walk through the aisles which have been the center of trade for centuries to our people now.

Walking down the core of Karachi you find all sorts of human species rotating in a bubble which centers around them. Within this jungle of civilization the residue of Imperial England’s architecture is a reminder of what we were once, a group of people owned by the mightier fish treated as inferiors.

This span spreading from decades would one day come to an end, no one thought of that at one time but with act of inspiration and motivation on a chaotic Thursday a new nation was born, a nation of separate identity who spoke for themselves, a nation where a free man could live freely. This day famously is celebrated now every year on the 14th of August.

Much has happened and a lot has changed in these sixty six years, good and bad. For instance these buildings once owned by someone else are now a billboard to political parties as we see flags and different slogans making claims of change.

Hameed sahab, I call him the king of fire, bring him any instrument which could light fire and he can fix it for you, he is now an old, modest man, full of stories who sits on a small star at regal. With me, and I am sure many more, he finds a curious audience to his partially factual tales of a timeline spanning around eighty years, his eyes are now sore and his vision weak but he can still tell you about how life was like for him, it is an human instinct to not be satisfied with what you have around you but still the fact is haunting that many people of that generation who are still with us will only tell you about a hopeful dream which slowly shattered over time, Hameed sahab too tells me a similar tale every time I visit him.

On the way back home, old clubs come to view where, then the royals used to socialize, a pool of separation to find isolation and more, now these clubs are an identity to many local royals now.

Well, one thing is for sure, complaining about these many sorrow facts isn’t really a productive solution, and within these thoughts I find ideas coming from a group of people determined to adapt a model of freedom which we fought for sixty six years ago, a model where every man is responsible for his own actions, first. These group of individual plan to execute a unconventional idea, which shamelessly is long forgotten, On 14th of August this year they will commit 14 acts for Pakistan, acts of random kindness which could be anything, from pushing a fellow man’s car to helping out at a traffic signal or by simply smiling at someone, yes it is indeed a solution to many problems.

I find the practicality of this idea want me be a part of it, because it allows you to reach the center of your societies problems and take matter into your own hands, and that is one thing we need to do, and when is more of a better time to start than the day of your motherlands independence.

Thanks to technology, we have platforms to spread this world like wildfire, use facebook and twitter to gather as many acts of kindness as you can, share the happiness, it is time to pay your debts back to the lives that got you this country. Long live Pakistan.

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