Yerushalem O Jerusalem

The center of culture, center of religion, science, society and art. Jerusalem; center of earth. Human soil has never achieved more prestigious grounds than this single city which spans 125 km2. Located along the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean this place has a special place in the hearts of the followers of Abrahamic, Judaist, Christian and Muslim codes.

Nearly all generation of modern and classical Homo sapiens have seen the city burn, brutal ethnic cleansing and shameless display of stupid possessiveness of what can never be theirs, what has never been theirs.

Claims of religious superiority translated later into a dangerous political game very quickly as the city was raped of whatever it had over and over again and treated as a prize for those in power.  Branded and tagged over and over again, treated like cattle.

The Pseudo-modern day man currently display acts of tribal barbarianism, I write not to support a single ethnicity or a religion because that would deviate me from my belief that God taught us religion to teach us humanity, first of all.

21st century marked a major milestone in the history of civilization when we approached the age of technology and cutting edge communication; many saw it as a milestone of humanity’s utter failure, where we have shown that we are the worst kind of the animal kingdom, cheap creatures of worldly lust and objectivity. Self loathe is not an option anymore, we all have led to believe that once we see spoils of human brains resting on pathways. The organ which serves as a distinction for humans left as not more than meat.

Maybe I am too much of a cynic but from what I see around me, I have no hope left in the human race. Jerusalem is home to many old artifacts and families have called it home for centuries, these extra ordinary people have refused over and over again to be extracted away like dirt from the place where they opened their eyes at, where they took their first footsteps, where they received their first threat and where they saw their first born die first. We are at that low of a point that exaggeration of emotion seems understated, where there is no limit to brutality and no cease to immorality.

Today; we are on the verge of losing all that once was cherished, what does that say about what we cherish today? Homes to the ancient likes of Babylon, Damascus, Nile, Jerusalem and many more are held as victim of human captivity.

When I first heard about the current peace talks of pushing the two nation settlement, It sent a message of hope to the meat inside my skull, but these peace talks keep getting delayed as many die, still, everyday. Politicians mingle in circles within their agency over and over again, the see saws of a different end. The formation of the state of Israel and details from there on, the ‘Zion’ intervention are currently not mentioned in this article because we have to start thinking beyond these limitation.

Why Jerusalem? Who claims Jerusalem? It doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to all of us. God indeed works in mysterious ways.Image

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